Our Partners

At EasternBlossoms we work or recognise a variety of organisations which assist and help the Chinese Community. We will list them here so that you are aware that of these organisations:

ChineseJobsUK is a free online platform which allows Chinese from all backgrounds to find a job in the UK. They list thousands of Mandarin and Cantonese speaking jobs in one location. We recognise this platform because it brings together all flavors of Chinese, i.e. Mainland Chinese, British Born, Taiwanese, Hong Kong, Malaysians and Singaporeans and unites them in a single platform with a common trait (language) and a common goal (job searching). They have great features such as filtering and location search. We feel that this resource is a great benefit for any Chinese looking to work in the United Kingdom. 

Collaboration Networks:
Member Networks
Barclays Chinese Community
China Accenture Connection
Clifford Chance China Group
Deloitte China Service Group
Deutsche Bank Chinese Community
Diaspora Emerging Leadership Programme
EY Far East Network
HSBC Chinese Community
KeYi Awards
KPMG China Club
LSE Confucius Institute
PwC China Interest Group
RBS Chinese Society
Standard chartered Chinese Community
Thomson Reuters Asian Affinity
UK Society of Chinese Lawyers

Student Organisation Collaborators:
City University London Chinese Students and Scholars Association
King's College London Chinese Students and Scholars 
London Business School China Club
LSE China Development Society
Queen Mary Chinese Students and Scholars Association
UCLU Chinese Students and Scholars Association