Eastern Blossoms: Our Vision

Who we are?

The Eastern Blossoms Foundation was founded in July 2013 by enthusiastic Chinese professionals based in London. Our goal is to increase collaboration between Chinese communities; help build synergies across the diverse spectrum of China focused groups and promote a diversity and inclusion culture.

Whether you are a professional association, corporate club, student society, charity, faith based organisation or an individual of any background, we aim to help you share your time and experiences for the good of the community. The Eastern Blossoms are not politically aligned and does not intend to be. 


  1. A Hub for Professionals interested in China.
  2. Helping Chinese University students makes informed decisions about career choices.
  3. A volunteer network to help Charitable causes for the Chinese community.
  4. Helping Mandarin learners and promoting Chinese culture.

The Team:

The Eastern Blossoms Foundation consists of a team of highly motivated professionals who want to do good for the community. If you would like to contribute in some way or form and do something good for the Chinese community let us know by emailing community@easternblossoms.org.

Our Values:

Collaboration:- When there is a team, work can be completed much quicker. 
Community:- Building communities A flourishing future for Chinese and British communities.